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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Vocational Qualifications

At Nottingham Girls' Academy we offer several different types of vocational qualification.

Level 3 Qualifications

There are two main types of level 3 vocational qualification:

  Areas Covered Primary Progression Other Routes
Applied General For students wishing to continue their general education at advanced level through applied learning. Further/Higher Education Employment, Apprenticeships
Technical Level For students wishing to specialise in a technical occupation or occupational group. Employment, Apprenticeship Further/Higher Education
OCR Cambridge Nationals

Cambridge Nationals are the successor to OCR Nationals, available in a range of engaging subjects that are equivalent in size to GCSEs. The most popular subjects are recognised in DfE performance tables and Progress 8 measures. They provide an excellent start for vocational study and enable progression to Level 3 vocational qualifications, such as our Cambridge Technicals, A Levels or Apprenticeships.

OCR Cambridge Technicals

Cambridge Technicals are vocational qualifications at Level 2 and Level 3 for students aged 16+. They’re designed with the workplace in mind and provide a high-quality alternative to A Levels, with a great range of subjects to choose from.

Edexcel BTECs

The qualifications are designed to meet the needs of employers, BTECs are work-related qualifications for learners taking their first steps into employment, progressing through their careers or planning to enter university.

BTEC Firsts

BTEC Firsts offer level 2 learners an engaging introduction to life and work in a vocational sector.

Students develop knowledge and understanding by applying their learning and skills in a work-related context.

Taken as part of a balanced curriculum, BTEC Firsts provide a tried-and-trusted progression route to further study, to an apprenticeship or into employment.

BTEC Nationals

BTEC Nationals are level 3 qualifications that provide specialist, work-related learning across a range of sectors.  Delivering the knowledge, skills and understanding students need to prepare for their chosen career, BTEC Nationals offer progression to higher or further education or into employment. 

BTEC Quality Review and Development

Why we do it

Quality review & development is how Pearson/Edexcel check that we are managing appropriate quality assurance systems and procedures. Quality review & development helps ensure we as a school have sufficient quality assurance systems, policies and procedures that are implemented appropriately, consistently and fairly.

How we do it

Quality review & development is an annual visit to look at our school-wide quality assurance systems. It ensures that we have measures in place to ensure effective management and delivery of BTEC qualifications we deliver. Every centre with learners registered on the qualifications identified above will have a quality review & development visit.

Below, you can view the Quality Review & Development Feedback Reports for the last six academic years: