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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Curriculum Implementation

"Teachers have strong subject knowledge. They use this well to question pupils, to check their understanding and to identify any misconceptions. They set pupils challenging work and provide support when it is needed. Pupils understand how the school’s ‘learning journeys’ and ‘learning challenges’ help them to remember more. Pupils’ achievement, particularly in academic courses, continues to strengthen."

- Ofsted, December 2021

Understanding how people learn - in particular an understanding of Cognitive Load Theory -  shapes how we implement our curriculum.

Our staff are regularly trained in the theory of how the human brain learns, stores and recalls information and the environment and conditions required for doing this effectively. They are given the time and support needed to translate their understanding into practical steps for highly effective teaching.

Please explore this section of the website to see more detail of the structures underpinning our curriculum and how it is implemented.

The NGA Way