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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Sexual Harassment

Throughout our PSHE curriculum, we cover many of the areas linked to understanding sexual harassment: consent; healthy and unhealthy relationships; online safety and sharing of explicit images; how to manage unhealthy language; and safety strategies when travelling alone, to name a few.   

In light of the recent Ofsted report regarding Sexual Harassment, we are reviewing our policies to make sure that our pupils feel confident enough to talk about and report any safeguarding needs to the right people - whether that be their Tutor, Teacher, Pastoral Support, a member of the Mental Health Support Team, our School Counsellor or our Nurse – and that those people know how to respond and support appropriately.   

Our pupils are regularly signposted to sources of information and support and they have been given information about how to report any experiences of sexual harassment, of any form. Online safety is a big part of our curriculum; we recommend that you explore our website and the leaflet and parent guides that are available.    

Throughout the academic year our staff are signposted to relevant training around our RSE curriculum, and have access to a charity called Brook, which delivers online training modules focused on RSE. We have had full staff training from the local RSE Adviser in Nottingham on aspects of the RSE curriculum. Regular pastoral training has covered topics such as on online safety, sexting, misogyny and how to report hate crimes, all of which allow our staff to support our pupils the best way they can.   

On 1 September 2021 the local RSE Adviser will return to lead some further training on sexual harassment. This training will be for all adults in our school community and will focus on: 

  • how we define sexual harassment;  
  • the different types of sexual harassment; 
  • the different language that can be used to describe sexual harassment; and 
  • how we can best support our pupils if they have been victims of sexual harassment.   


We understand that some of these matters might be dealt with by the police, but we want to ensure our understanding of these issues relates to the world that our pupils are living in and that we can play our part in supporting any of them should they need it.  

We ask our staff at regular intervals to highlight any areas of the RSE curriculum that would like further training on. Common areas will be covered by the local RSE Adviser as well. 

Alongside the framework of safeguarding regulations we will continue to develop a culture at NGA in which pupils feel confident to speak to staff and each other about their experiences. An environment in which our pupils feel that they can report any incident at any time, no matter how minor they think it might be, or how 'normal' they think it is. 

Below is a leaflet that can support your child or anyone in your family if they have been impacted by sexual harassment.  

Keep looking back at this page for updates, if you have any concerns, as always please contact us on