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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Class Charts

The Academy records positive and negative behaviour events in a system called ClassCharts. It is an online system, which teachers use to track achievement and behaviour throughout the school year. It allows us to record and analyse positive and negative behaviour in the academy therefore, we can give suitable recognition and reward for milestones of positive behaviour. It also allows us to identify patterns in negative behaviours that might suggest a pupil requires further pastoral intervention or a colleague needs further support.

Parents/carers have access to ClassCharts so that they can view their child’s behaviour records whenever they like via an app. This produces a live feed of their child’s behaviour, it highlights if they have a detention that they need to attend and the timing of it therefore, making it an immediate point of communication with parents.

Pupils also have access to ClassCharts, seeing the same icons and format as the parent app, this encourages the pupils to check and monitor their own behaviour, which also promotes the competition between the House system.


Staff are therefore asked to record the following in ClassCharts:

  • BUILD Points (Positive Behaviour Points).
  • Negative Behaviour Points (including notes on why points have been awarded).
  • Restorative Conversations and Detentions (including marking attendance to these).
  • Pupils placed on Faculty, Tutor, HoY or SLT Report.
  • Pupils placed in Faculty isolation.
  • Pupils placed in pastoral isolation.
  • Actions taken as the member of staff ‘On-Call’.
  • Additional escalation and/or interventions made in response to a particular incident.

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