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Nottingham Girls' Academy


We deal with bullying immediately and we operate a zero tolerance of it.  There is no legal definition of bullying but we have adopted Bullying UK’s definition:

“Bullying is repeated behaviour which is intended to hurt someone either emotionally or physically.”

We are also clear that bullying is not:

  • One-off occasions of being left out, people not getting along, meanness or nastiness.
  • A random act that made you scared or hurt.
  • Falling out, arguing or fighting with people, when both sides are to blame.

Even though these are not bullying, they are still not acceptable behaviour and will still be dealt with.

If a student feels like bullying is taking place, they should:

  • Tell a member of staff.
  • Go with the person being bullied and back up what they say to the member of staff.
  • Tell the person being bullied that you'll help them to tell their parents.
  • Tell their parents what's happening and ask them to communicate that to their HoY.
  • Keep a diary of what they see going on so that they can give the member of staff a reliable account of what has been happening.

Pupils are reminded not to be tempted to respond to any bullying or hit back because they could get hurt or get into trouble. We do not accept that violence or retaliation is ever an appropriate way to solve problems; deepening divisions and inflaming the situation.

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