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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Year 11


Miss E Richardson - Head of Year 11

Year 11 consists of 6 tutor groups:

  • 11SAL (S Al-Najjar, English/J Hawley, Performing Arts)
  • 11CTA (C Taylor, Mathematics)
  • 11JPY (J Pye, Art)
  • 11JVA (J Van Den Broek, Science)
  • 11CTU (C Tucker, English)
  • 11MME (M Mehan-Passi, English)

In Year 11, individual progress is tracked and monitored on a weekly basis. This helps to ensure that all learners are making as much progress as possible.

Coursework catch-up sessions are also offered for all subjects after school, along with a daily lunchtime club which pupils can attend.

Elections take place early in the year to nominate tutor representatives for each form group, as well as the Head Girl and prefects.

E Richardson - Head of Year 11

TBC - Assistant Head of Year 11

J Mora - Line Manager of Year 11