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Nottingham Girls' Academy


Head of Department - Mrs A Evans

Sociology is about human social behaviour, why people behave as they do and what things influence and affect their lives. It is about how people organise themselves into groups and are able to control the behaviour of their members and sometimes control the behaviour of others.

You will study the main themes of culture and identity, power, social class, gender and ethnicity and consider how they affect an individual or group’s life chances. You will also develop a sophisticated knowledge and understanding of the major sociological theories underpinning research and the specific research models employed by sociologists.

AS Assessment

Unit 1 – Families and Households

Unit 2 – Education with research methods in context

A2 Assessment

Unit 3 – Beliefs in Society

Unit 4 – Crime and Deviance

Examination board: AQA Entry requirements: Pupils will need a minimum grade C GCSE English literature. 

Pupils will be assessed through examination only.

Who should do this course?

This course is idea for pupils considering going on to further education at university. It will help students develop analytical and evaluative skills and help students write essays in a logical and coherent manner.

Where can the course lead?

Sociology prepares pupils for many careers and Higher Education courses, such as human resource management, social work, marketing, nursing, journalism, law, teaching, the police, the media, personnel, probation, and advertising. There are also a wide variety of opportunities in all aspects of social research such as youth services, criminal justice system, ethnic minority rights and the leisure industry. As a social science, sociology complements other areas of study such as psychology and health and social care.