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Nottingham Girls' Academy


Mrs B Asher

In the twenty first century our lives are more and more exposed to the influences of others. Internet, television, radio, film the list goes on.

Media studies teaches pupils to handle these influences with confidence. They are expected to produce professional standard media artefacts which demonstrate their knowledge of advertising, communication and film. Furthermore, the rigorous written requirements of the subject are akin to English, with pupils expected to develop strong analytical writing in essays and examinations.

As well as being an academically demanding subject, Media also offers pupils a chance to develop creative expression. By exploring the modern media they are required to engage in moral and ethical issues, develop their own opinions and form these into high quality examples of work. They will have the opportunity to learn the beginnings of photography, film-making, editing and web design amongst others.

The subject is heavily cross curricular, drawing on elements of Art, English, IT and Psychology for example. This affords pupils the opportunity to explore avenues which interest them and apply their new skills of analysis and presentation to other subjects.