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Nottingham Girls' Academy


Mrs J Siddy - Head of Department

Mrs W Hill - Assistant Principal

Mrs C Mullings - Second in Department

Miss S Elharm

Miss M Fox

Mrs J Rushby - Professional Tutor

Ms N Younas




At the Nottingham Girls' Academy we believe that the mathematics department plays an essential role in the progress of our pupils and provides valuable life opportunities. Mathematics allows pupils to develop key numeracy and problem solving skills, enabling them to succeed in further education or employment. Additionally, mathematics lessons provide a platform to enhance pupils' thinking skills, opportunities to solve problems within a real life context and enables them to work as part of a team to develop a holistic approach to learning.

All pupils take mathematics at KS3 and study the four strands of the National curriculum. The department uses a wide range of teaching and learning strategies which are matched to the learning needs of the individual pupil, thus enabling them to become fully engaged in the subject and life long learners.


All pupils in KS3 are formally assessed every half term in order to monitor their progress and are set levelled learning targets.

The KS4 pupils follow the OCR GCSE. Pupils have the opportunity of taking foundation or higher levels. It is possible to gain grade C at both these levels.

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At GCSE level, the department continues to use a wide range of different teaching and learning strategies which are matched to the learning needs of the individual pupil, with a greater emphasis on functionality.

Higher tier pupils are expected to work more independently and are encouraged to extend their own learning. The department provides for this through the UKMT challenge and FSMQ which is a recognised qualification.


Pupils also have the option to continue their study of mathematics at AS and A2-level. The department follows the Edexcel qualification. All pupils follow the four core modules with flexibility to choose a further two modules to complete the course.


Pupils are expected to use “My Maths” to complete their homework once a week.

Other homework can be set in addition to this.


The most able pupils in years 8 and 10 compete in the National competition each year. The best pupils are awarded Bronze, Silver and Gold certificates.

Mathematics Mentors

Pupil Mathematics mentors are used during the year to support the learning of others and to develop their skills of explaining and reasoning, as well as consolidating their own understanding of Mathematics. This year we have had the A’level students mentoring our Set 1 Mathematicians and ten selected Set 1 students mentoring our C/D borderline students. There have also been opportunities during the year for KS4 pupils to mentor KS3.