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Nottingham Girls' Academy


Miss C Hodgson - Head of Department

Mrs M Russell

Mrs S Watson - Head of Year 11

Mr C Green

Miss F Hennessy - 2nd in Humanities

Miss E Richardson - Assistant Head of Year 9

Miss K Castledine - Head of Year 8

At the Nottingham Girls' Academy the Humanities Faculty incorporates the subjects of Geography, History and Travel and Tourism. We aim to broaden the knowledge and understanding of our pupils and contribute to their respect for and knowledge of other countries and cultures. During Humanities lessons, pupils develop a wide range of skills and qualities relevant to modern society that help to shape and develop them into enterprising, global citizens.

To do so we use current and topical content so that our pupils can better relate and engage with the subjects. Humanities allow pupils to develop both their written and verbal skills. We use enquiry and extended writing as well as role-play and debate to broaden and deepen subject knowledge.

We try to develop curriculum links with other subjects and we have a strong national and international focus. Humanities play a key role in developing personal learning and thinking skills, as pupils can work both as an individual and as part of group. Pupils have many opportunities to think and act creatively and are encouraged to reflect on their successes and the areas where they can make further progress.


All pupils study Geography at KS3 and have the option of choosing to continue their study at KS4. A broad range of human and physical topics are studied such as enquiries about urban landscapes, studies of extreme weather and flooding and investigations into fantastic and seemingly ‘impossible' places. At KS4 pupils will gain their GCSE qualification over two years through a mixture of examination and controlled assessment. As in KS3, pupils at GCSE will be actively encouraged to study the world around them, ask enquiring questions and make decisions about topical geographical issues.


All pupils study History at KS3 and have the option of continuing their study of the subject at KS4 and AS level. At KS3 we try to develop an understanding of time and chronology by studying a wide variety of historical events, individuals and periods, starting with the Ancient Greeks in Year 7 and concluding with the Year 9 course that focuses on conflict and peace in the 20th Century. Within this there are numerous opportunities to practice and develop skills that will allow students to critically engage with any historical event they encounter at KS4 or beyond. At KS4 pupils will gain their GCSE qualification over two years through a mixture of examination and controlled assessment. A study of History at KS5 allows students to study events and periods of history in depth and achieve AS and A2 qualifications.