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Nottingham Girls' Academy

Code of Conduct

Like in any community, we have rules, procedures and expectations that are about keeping everyone safe and promote an inclusive, calm and orderly environment.

These are set out in the Code of Conduct below:

Pupils are to:
  • Respect all other people, regardless of race, culture, gender, sexuality and religion.
  • Behave in a purposeful, orderly and safe manner.
  • Follow the instructions of the teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • Wear the full academy uniform.
  • Be punctual for the academy and for all lessons.
  • Walk on corridors and stairways on the left in single file.
  • Line up calmly for lessons in preparation for entering the classroom.
  • Sit where directed to by their teachers.
  • Leave lessons only when directed by a member of staff.
  • Hand in all work on time.
  • Have a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and their planner which is provided by the academy and a suitable bag.
  • Be respectful of the academy and other people’s property.
  • Work to the best of their ability during lessons.
  • Respect teachers and other pupils in lessons by listening and not interrupting or calling out.
  • Remain seated during lessons unless given permission to leave their seat.
Pupils must not:
  • Use mobile phones, iPods or other electrical items on the academy site, unless specific permission has been given.
  • Use bad language or swear anywhere on the academy site.
  • Wear make-up or more than one pair of plain small ear-studs in each lobe.
  • Smoke or ‘vape’ in or near the academy site.
  • Write on desks, walls or the academy fabric.
  • Show intimidating or discriminatory behaviour - physically, verbally or otherwise.
  • Leave classrooms without permission.
  • Chew gum at any time.
  • Run along the corridors or on the stairways.
  • Interfere with other students' work either physically or verbally.
  • Steal academy property or that of other pupils.
  • Bring chewing gum, fizzy or energy drinks into school. They are banned and will be confiscated and binned; girls can drink water in lessons if they have it with them.
  • Access other pupils' files on the academy's computer network.
  • Behave in any way that brings the academy into disrepute.
  • Film or take photographs on or near the academy site.
  • Misuse social media to bully or intimidate other members of the school community.

If a pupil fails to comply with the Code of Conduct, a range of strategies and sanctions can be used to reinforce our expectations. Again, the list of these below is not intended as a hierarchy to be followed in order, nor is it an exhaustive list. Every situation and pupil is different and some strategies on the list may not be appropriate to the situation or pupil; staff will use their professional judgement to respond to negative behaviours and attitudes, reinforce expectations and ensure a safe, calm and orderly environment.

  • Out of lesson incident (-1 point) – disruption during social times.
  • Uniform or Kit Issue (-1 point).
  • Uniform or Kit isolation (-2 points).
  • Overdue Library Book (-1 point).
  • Diary not signed (-1 point).
  • Mobile Phone (-1 point) – the phone must be confiscated and handed to the Head of Year. Please refer to section on mobile phones.
  • Late to school (-1 point) – please refer to the section on punctuality.
  • Late to lesson (-1 point) - please refer to the section on punctuality.

Pupils are expected to be on time to school and to all lessons.  Punctuality is a core aspect of future employability and getting into good habits and routines is essential.

When a pupil is late to school, they will miss part (or all) of tutor time, a lesson or assembly.  This means they will miss vital learning, notices and content from our PHSE programme of study.  We place a great deal of importance on this and therefore treat lateness to school seriously.  Our procedures for dealing with late pupils can be found in the Behaviour Policy 2020-21 and associated documents.

When a pupil is late to lessons they disrupt the learning of other pupils in that lesson, as well as their own.  This is not acceptable and the expectation will be reinforced with a detention.  This may also act as an opportunity to catch up with missed work.

Mobile Phones and Electronic Devices

Pupils must not bring mobile phones or other electronic devices into school unless specifically requested to do so.  However, we accept that many parents/carers wish their child to have a mobile phone with them for the journey to or from school.  Therefore, on entering the Academy, any mobile phones should be switched off and placed safely in their bag, unless requested to use them for learning purposes, after which they should be switched off and returned to their bags.

An ‘out of sight, out of mind’ principle needs to be followed.  Pupils must only take their mobile phones out of their bags if requested to do so for learning purposes or at the end of the day, once they exit the courtyard.

If a mobile phone is seen or heard for any reason during the school day, if not being used fo specific learning purposes, then it will be confiscated. The member of staff confiscating the phone will hand it into the Head of Year and inform the pupil that they can collect it at the end of the day.  Each confiscation will be logged by the Head of Year and parents/carers will be informed via a postcard sent home.  Further sanctions will apply for repeated offences:

  • Step 1 - First postcard - notification to parents at home that a school rule has been broken and we would like them to reinforce the no mobile phone policy.
  • Step 2 - Second postcard - pastoral team phone home to discuss this has happened again, check postcards are getting home, ask for help in reinforcing the rule, and explain how this will escalate if it continues, lose two days of break and lunch time socials.
  • Step 3 - Third postcard - parents invited in for a meeting with (D)HoY.  Contract agreed that the phone is handed in to the HoY/DHoY every morning and collected every evening for a fixed period of time (minimum of two weeks).
  • Step 4 - Fourth postcard - parents invited for a meeting with the SLT line manager for the year group and a temporary isolation or fixed term exclusion. 

A pupil who refuses to hand their mobile phone over to a member of staff will have it confiscated by a senior member of staff and the pupil’s parent/carer will be asked to collect it from the Academy.

A pupil who refuses to hand their mobile phone over to a senior member of staff may be given a fixed term exclusion and, in future weeks, will be asked to hand their mobile into the Head of Year at the beginning of the day for a notified period of time – see Step 3.

If there is an emergency and a pupil feels that they need to contact their parent/carer, they must speak to their pastoral team, who may give permission to use the mobile phone in a private area.

These rules do not apply to sixth form students.  However, they are permitted to use their mobiles in the post-16 area.  If found using their phones anywhere else, they will be reminded of the expectation and the Head of Sixth Form will be informed.

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